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Abstract formatting

Abstract Submission
DATE for SUBMISSION of PAPERS to June 30th, 2017 - Submission of abstracts
Abstracts will be accepted in English
1. The full text, including title, author’s names and filiations, complete addresses, abstract and footnotes (thanks, support, credits, etc.) must be limited to one page.
2. Use MS-WORD format, Arial, size 11, single spacing, justified. The text should be organized in A4 sheet, with top and left margins of 30 mm, and 20 mm right and bottom.
3. Title – the title should be written in capital letters, except scientific names that must be in lower case and italics (e.g. Penicillium digitatum).
4. Authors - the names of the authors should be written in capital letters, shortly after the end of the title, without change of line, separated by a semicolon and emphasizing the poster presenter (underlined name). At the end of each name, should be superscript the reference number for author filiations. After the list of authors, should be included the information about institution, address, and email, preceded by the corresponding reference number, also overwritten.
5. Text - do not leave indentation. The text must be continuous, contain introduction, objective, methodology, results and conclusion. Just use technical names of plant protection products. Do not insert tables or images. Bibliographic citations, when required, should be made in the body of the text and contain only the author(s) name of the reference, volume, page and year (e.g. Pascholati; Bonaldo, Summa Phytopathologica, 33:233-238, 2007).
6. At the line bellow the text end, three to five keywords must be included.
1 - Alternative control
2 - Application technology
3 - Biological control
4 - Chemical control
5 - Genetical improvement
6 - Molecular biology
7 - Variability of the pathogen
8 - Others

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